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The women are the strong ones, truly.

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Frankenstein MD + sideshows

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I thought so, as well. I think they were trying to show that it hadn't been forgotten and to kind of show that Josslyn has a connection to Liz and her children. I mean, they sometimes mention BJ's heart. Especially in February. Georgie being alive would be really interesting!

I enjoy them bringing up past plot points. 


Oh this is why there was a Caleb segment…to tie-in with the Stalker promo.

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I was on Soap Central the day that scene with Carly and Elizabeth aired and I saw people speculating that perhaps Jake was still alive and in the clinic with Jason. Also, it's adorable how freakin' tall Josslyn is compared to Cam, Spencer, and Emma. She basically towers over them.

i think the likely hood of Jake being alive is slim to none as while nobody stays dead it was more of a BJ/Maxie situation with that plot…that said it would of been nice if Georgie was in the clinic.


ok but ask yourself this about your otp

  • which one hogs the blanket
  • which one cuts the other’s hair
  • which one makes coffee for the other every morning
  • which one picks up the pizza
  • which one likes their music on full volume
  • which one complains about the crumbs on the bed
  • which one is ticklish
  • which one sings and which one plays the music
  • which one proposes

Seriously though leave me some ships in my inbox…just saying

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